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Cerakote Trim Coat is a durable ceramic coating which bonds to the pores of unpainted plastic trim, restoring it to its original appearance. But it doesn’t stop there! Once applied, it cures to form a ceramic layer of protection. We’re so confident in our Trim Coat technology that we guarantee it to last for at least 200 washes.


  • FREE SHIPPING for above RM 100.00
  • For SUV is recommended to take 3 - 5 wipes
  • Not recommended for car interior use!
  • Cerakote Trim Coat is a ceramic coating, not a trim dressing, for automotive trim restoration and protection guaranteed to last 200 washes
  • Easy Application: Wash & dry surface - Wipe on - Let dry for 1 hour, you’re good to go!

Cerakote Trim Coat

SKU: Trim Coat
RM35.00 Regular Price
RM13.00Sale Price


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