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Cerakote Professional Paint Coating provides unmatched performance, durability, and ease of application. The most discerning automotive detailers and enthusiasts trust Cerakote to deliver:


  • Unrivaled Slickness - Experience unparalleled levels of slickness.
  • Exceptional Gloss and Shine - Achieve results with a mirror-like gloss and brilliance.
  • Long Lasting - Lasts over 500 real-world washes!
  • Extreme Hydrophobicity - Experience outstanding beading and water shedding.
  • Easy to Apply - Vehicle is customer-ready in 2 hours and can be washed after just 24 hours!
  • Put Cerakote to the test against any other paint protection product and see why Cerakote is the World’s leading and most trusted ceramic coating. Others say they're number one; at Cerakote, we prove it.



Contents of this product include:

  • (2) 30 ml bottles of Professional Ceramic Paint Coating
  • (1) Professional quality microfiber applicator


Helpful resources:

Application Video and Instructions

500 Wash Test

CERAKOTE® Professional Ceramic Paint Coating

SKU: ProCeramic
RM750.00 Regular Price
RM600.00Sale Price


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