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Cerakote Ceramic Trim Coat Application Video



1. Wash and dry surface thoroughly, using a non-wax containing detergent such as Dawn® dish soap.

Dry Thoroughly

2. IMPORTANT: Must be applied to a completely dry surface.

3. TIP: Open and close doors, trunk and hood several times to free any trapped water. It is also helpful to roll down windows to avoid any contact with glass. If product comes in contact with paint or glass, remove immediately with a clean dry cloth.


Wipe On

4. Wearing provided gloves, open 1 pack and wipe trim surface using the pre-wet wipe in overlapping passes to ensure full coverage.

5. Rotate wipe as needed, ensuring you use all the surfaces of the wipe.  Move to a new pack when wipe becomes dry or soiled.

Dry For 1 Hour

6. After application, allow a minimum of 1 hour before driving or exposing to moisture

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