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Now Available!

Cerakote Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit clarifies, restores and protects your headlights!

Cerakote Headlight Restoration is completed in 3 quick and easy steps, with no power tools required. Cerakote is different than other headlight restoration kits because we manufacture a true professional grade ceramic coating that chemically bonds to the headlights and provides UV protection thatstands the test of time.

  • Each kit Includes enough product to restore and protect 2 headlights. The contents of each kit are:

    • (1) 10ml Ceramic Headlight Clear Coat

    • (1) Microsuede Cloth

    • (4) 2000 Sanding Discs

    • (4) 3000 Sanding Discs

    • (2) Gloves

GUARANTEED TO LAST AS LONG AS YOU OWN YOUR VEHICLE! - You read it right! We're so confident in our CERAMIC coating that we'll stand behind our limited lifetime warranty that it will last as long as you own your vehicle.

CERAMIC coating that chemically bonds to your headlights and provides UV protection for as long as you'll own your vehicle.We believe in providing our customers the best products on earth, the first time. After all, we're the chemists that have been providing world-class ceramic coatings to endless industries for DECADES. It's what we do.

NO POWER TOOLS REQUIRED - Everything is included in your kit. There are no tools required that could potentially damage your headlights or paint. DON'T BUY A KIT THAT REQUIRES TOOLS!

1 headlight_before___after.jpg

Before and After

Professional Grade Ceramic Coating

  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • Easy to use, no mess wipes

  • No tools required

  • One kit restores 2 headlights

  • 30 minute process

  • 100% UV proof


Cerakote’s proprietary step 1 oxidization remover was designed to remove surface oxidization in order to reduce the amount of further preparation needed before final coating.

Step 1


The ergonomic surface prep pad and discs were designed to remove light scratches and deep oxidization while preparing the headlight for Ceramic Clear Coating.

Step 2


Step 3

Cerakote Ceramic Headlight restoration is a durable ceramic coating that bonds to the surface of headlights, restoring them to a like new condition.


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