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Cerakote Graphene Spray Coating - Everyone can be a PRO!

Effortless application makes it so easy to apply!

Just wipe on, wipe off. And you are done!

Produced with the best material that is in the market, toping it up with icing on the cake - Graphene, Cerakote Graphene Spray Coating produces long-lasting protection for up to 6 - 9 months on your vehicle surface while delivering superior slickness, shine and protection.

Super hydrophobic properties keeps your car exterior stay cleaner longer and looking new!






                     - Super easy Application

                     - Advanced Technology Made with Graphene

                     - Extreme Hydrophobic

                     - Enhance Shine

                      - Chemical and UV Resistance


1. Wash your vehicle and make sure it is free of all wax and contaminates and completely dry. (For best result, use clay bar/polish your vehicle)

2. Spray Cerakote Graphene Spray Coating on car panel.

3. Spread and wipe with a clean microfiber towel.

4.With a separate microfiber towel, remove the balance coating that is left on the panel.

5. Let cure for 24hours before washing with soap.

6. For first time application is recommended to apply 2 layer of coating.


* Climate and proper maintenance will affect with longevity of the coating

* Can be applied on wheels, exterior glass and rubber. Do not apply on convertible tops.

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