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Cerakote Ceramic Glass Coat Windscreen Kit

Cerakote Ceramic Glass Coat Windshield Kit is a maximum strength, water repelling coating that is easy to apply and is guaranteed to last! Not like "rebottled fake ceramics" that just don't last. Our ceramic technology chemically bonds the coating to the windshield, providing supreme water shedding. It also makes cleaning bugs and bird droppings off your glass easy! Why apply something every other week when you don't need to?

Each 30ml Kit includes:

  • (2) Glass Cleaning Wipes

  • (1) 30ml. Bottle of Ceramic Coating

  • (1) Microfiber Applicator

  • (1) Finishing Towel

  • (4) Gloves

Each 10ml Kit includes:

  • (1) 10ml. Bottle of Ceramic Coating

  • (1) Microsuede Applicator

  • (1) Applicator pad

  • (2) Gloves


Cerakote Ceramic Glass Coat Windshield Kit is easy to apply! Just clean with the included Cleaning Wipes, rinse well with water then dry the windshield thoroughly. Apply the coating and let it sit for 10-15 seconds. Buff it off with the enclosed towel and wait an hour. Your windshield is now crystal clear and ready for the elements! Be sure to watch our application video below for quick and easy instructions!


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