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Cerakote AL-02 Graphene Coating - Affordable Luxury

Utilizing our long history and experiences in firearms and heavy machineries ceramic coatings, strengthened with the strongest material in the world - GRAPHENE, this Nanotechnology Cerakote Graphene Supreme Armor Coating is the result from years of research. It creates an incredibly strong and flexible coating that is meant for the PRO!

Graphene Oxide composite that is infused in Cerakote Graphene Supreme Armor Coating bonds to form an impenetrable layer of protection for your vehicle.

Cerakote Graphene Supreme Armor Coating comes with 3 YEARS WARRANTY + 3 YEARS FREE MAINTENANCE ensuring peace of mind for you!

Your vehicle will be protected from UV Protection, Chemical Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Extreme Water Repellency, Extreme Gloss, Extreme Slickness and Easy to Clean.


Don't be fooled by fake graphene coatings anymore!

With current technology, graphene is still not commercialized because mass production is difficult and its unit price is also very expensive that is why the automotive coating industry is using graphene oxides that are suitable for mass production and at a relatively reasonable price as a substitute.

Fake Graphene = carbon powder

Genuine Graphene = Graphene Oxide (relatively cheap)

Cerakote Graphene Coating = rGO (reduced graphene oxide)(difficult to produce and very expensive) - by removing oxygen, rGO is a true graphene film coating agent, that has a naturally high water repellent angle there are a lot of counterfeit/fake products that do not add graphene oxide, by mixing fine carbon powders that have the same appearance as graphene oxides on the market

Protect your vehicle with Cerakote Graphene Coating, made at the optimal

mixing ratio using the best grade reduced graphene oxide(rGO),

produced by the world's No.1 ceramic coating company - Cerakote

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